Midwest this coming Labor Day Weekend and see Permaculture in practice and harvest from urban to rural Cincinnati. Great Rivers and Lakes Permaculture Institute (GRLPI – the Midwests’ new Professional Development Organization and Bioregional representative for the Permaculture Institute of North America – GreatRiversAndLakes.org) is teaming up with the decade old Cincinnati Permaculture Institute (CincinnatiPermaculture.org) to bring you a comprehensive experience of Permaculture in the Midwest.

    It will be hosted at the Enright Urban Ecovillage (EUEV – EnrightEcovillage.org) in Cincinnati’s Pricehill neighborhood. The Two day registration includes a one year membership to GRLPI. The morning will consist of Speakers, Workshops and Ecovillage tours while the afternoons will be regional site tours, with Urban focus on Saturday and Rural focus on Sunday.

Sat, Sep 2, 2017, 9:00 AM – Sun, Sep 3, 2017, 5:00 PM EDT

Common Roots Pub, 3642 W 8th St., Cincinnati, OH 45205

Speakers include: 

  • Peter Bane (or Montague, MI: former publisher of the Permaculture Activist Magazine – now Permaculture Design; author of The Permaculture Handbook with more than 25 years of experience under his belt)
  • Rhonda Baird (of Bloomington, IN. who has been teaching permaculture and practicing design for over 10 years and is the Senior Editor of Permaculture Design Magazine – the world’s oldest Permaculture magazine)
  • William Faith (founder of the Chicagoland Permaculture Guild and permaculture teacher for many years now)
  • Braden Trauth, co-founder of the Cincinnati Permaculture Institute and of Permaganic Authenticated, the world’s first Regenerative/Permaculture Farm Certification
  • Whitney Sewell: Director of Urban Agriculture at Louisville Grows, specializing in urban permaculture practices at the intersection of people and plants in Louisville Kentucky
  • Suellyn Shupe, a member of the Enright Urban Eco-village for over a decade now
  • Blake Cothron,  is the owner and operator of Peaceful Heritage Nursery in Stanford, Kentucky: a permaculture-based Certified Organic edible and useful plant nursery. The nursery grows over 35 species of fruit. Check them out at:  www.peacefulheritage.com .
  • and many more to come…

Saturday Urban Tours will include with more to be added:

  • Enright Ridge Urban Ecovillage: Urban CSA and its reclaimed florist greenhouse at EUEV, the Imago Nature Center in the heart of the ecovillage, the many green home retrofits as well as vacant lot retrofits also located in the ecovillage.
  • CPI’s Edible Perennial Permaculture based Nursery
  • Building Value – a building reuse and workforce re-entry program
  • Off grid/naturally built projects around the city including earthship constructions
  • Public Urban Forage Gardens around Cincinnati
  • Urban farms
  • Community Gardens.

Sunday Rural Tours will include with more to be added

  • Working Permaculture Farms
  • Rural off Grid Homesteads

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