Please share your time, energy, and creativity to help GRLPI make a bigger splash in Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, Michigan, Illinois, and Wisconsin.

   Permaculture design has so much to offer, and it has an even greater impact when we leverage our time and resources.

   Our organization uses dynamic governance to make decisions and get things done. You can learn more about it in this 23-minute YouTube video.

There’s also a 20-minute introductory training video right below, along with a shorter, flashier intro below that.

The foundation of Dynamic Governance is the Sociocratic Circle-Organization Method

Gerard Endenburg developed SCM based on three principles:

  1. Consent decision-making for policy decisions, including electing people to roles and responsibilities.
  2. Circle meetings in which working groups meet as equals to make policy decisions
  3. Double linking of circles to form a circular hierarchy that functions as a feedback structure.

   Sociocracy is a set of tools that make sure we can work together, make important decisions together.

   Sociocracy comes with a decision-making method, consent, that is different from traditional consensus, and different from most other formal methods we use.

   Sociocracy gives a lot of power to small teams so that people can go make things happen fast and in an unbureaucratic way.

   Sociocracy provides a way to link teams that work on their own project so they can coordinate between teams. It also is a way to learn and evolve because it supports a feedback-rich environment.

(Sociocracy is:

  • A social ethic that values equality and the rights of people to determine the conditions under which they live and work.
  • An effective method of organizing associations, businesses, and governments, large and small.

   Anyone can join a volunteer circle. We are developing a training for those who would like to move into leadership within our organizational circles (sample image to right and mapped on our Take Action page), or for you to use in your local circles.

   We are developing different volunteer groups based on interest and need.

   Use the form below to inquire further, or to suggest additional areas or interests worth exploring.


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